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Express Karo - About Us

Express Karo is a concept of personalized name jewellery launched under the flagship brand of Orosilber. Orosilber is a leading jewellery brand in personalized jewellery segment that offers a wide range of high-end quality products crafted from sterling silver, gold, brass and silver. The product range comprises of a variety of personalized jewellery, right from earrings, necklaces and bracelets for women to an array of men’s accessories including ties, cufflinks, etc.

Launched in the year 2015, Express Karo is the brainchild of Ms. Bhumika Goswami, who is an ardent entrepreneur and have been making her creative and strategic contributions in the e-commerce business of Orosilber. In line with Express Karo concept, an exclusive range of personalized name jewellery was rolled out under the brand name – Bhumika. The idea behind it was pretty simple; number one – Name is the unique identity of everyone, nothing can get more personalized than having a name on a piece of jewellery to be adorned; number two – everything or object has specific roles /Bhumika to play which adds to the persona of the wearer. Bhumika range of personalized name jewellery will help to complete the unique look.

The Story Behind the Inception...

The dawn of August 2014 was rather beautiful; it was the birthday of Ms. Bhumika Goswami. To her amazement, she received a wonderful gift from a dear friend of hers. Certainly, it touched her heart and boosted her joy, it was a personalized jewellery she had once imagined. However, her creative wits did some critical analysis of that piece of jewellery; she thought it could be crafted better, it could be personalized more and more aura of wonder can be added to it. And the idea struck her mind, the idea of rolling out her own line of creative personalized name jewellery, and hence the idea of Bhumika germinated.

Bhumika’s life reached another beautiful milestone in August 2015 when she got engaged to Mitul. Mitul being a veteran in the jewellery segment, his experience and passion further inspired Bhumika and together they launched the personalized name jewellery – Express Karo. With a strong marketing backup from well-established brand, Orosilber, the idea soon transformed into its physical form.

It was sooner than imagined that the duo was joined by Sahaj, Kartik and Rohan who were tech-experts. With their help, work began on Web and Mobile applications development, which are user friendly and feature rich for desktops, modern mobile devices across platforms like Android, i-Phone, Blackberry and Windows. Objectives were clear and simple – offering exclusive line of personalized name jewellery to a wider customer base and offer every customer, an ease of shopping their fancy jewellery

The Creation...

Under the idea of Express Karo, Bhumika creations were designed which encased unique and exclusive range or personalized jewellery created from the name or signature of the person. Crafted from high quality metals like gold (22K, 18K, 14K and 9K), sterling silver, brass and stainless steel, every piece resonates passion of the founders and excellent craftsmanship, clever interplay between art, design and languages complemented by expert team of professionals.

The Way Forward...

Express Karo – Bhumika line of personalized jewellery will be made available in 10 Indian languages which include Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada and Urdu. It will also be casted in international languages like Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic. Besides personalized name jewellery, our other offerings will include Bobble heads, customized engagement and wedding rings.

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