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About Us

About Us

Orosilber is an iconic Indian brand synonymous with innovation and craftsmanship. Orosilber is stepping into a new future and building upon its legacy of personalized fine  jewelry and accessories craftsmanship.

Since 2001, Orosilber has been a leader in the world of personalized jewelry and accessories, providing customers with tailor made classic but modern designs. We are pushing the boundaries of personalized jewelry and accessories with the use of the latest production techniques. Our jewelry and accessories are crafted from 18k gold, sterling silver, brass, stainless steel, enamel and cubic zirconium stones. The result is a modern jewelry and accessories collection that is sophisticated yet youthful and stylish.

People purchase personalized products from Orosilber primarily due to seeking uniqueness, emotional attachment, identity expression, vanity, innovation, ownership, perceived control, enjoyment, trust, price, and recommendation.

Our Creative Director and his team offers a dynamic range of jewelry designs which allows customers to customize jewelry and accessories or engrave on already available products according to their own preference.  Our design team is producing a fine personalized jewelry line that is diverse and desirable.

We offer compelling value with a diverse and uniquely balanced mix of high-quality line of personalized men's accessories and women's designer jewelry, marketed under Orosilber Brand. In the past few years, the product range has been expanded to include exquisite cufflinks, tie clips, buttons, key chains, key rings, buttons, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, tuxedo stud sets, contemporary silver jewelry, 3D key chains, sterling silver writing instruments, lapel pins, brooches, other custom made contemporary accessories and gifts. 

We continue to build strong ties with numerous resellers to drive greater awareness and opportunities. We also work for other online and offline brands which has helped Orosilber bring a cutting-edge perspective while still preserving Orosilber 's core values.

Orosilber sell on wholesale to independent retailers, retail chains, as well as, sells internationally to over 48 countries. The Company sells its products through diversified networks that include upscale boutiques, multi brand outlets, retailers, jewelry stores, and online shops.

Orosilber caters to large movie production houses, sports teams, licensed merchandise and corporate clients, develops customized products, do private labeling and branding of corporate gifting, thereby ensuring a complete service from supply, design to production. 


The primary mission of Orosilber is to make meaningful personalized jewelry and custom accessories brand offering delightful customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty.



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