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Personalized Name Rings

Contemporary Personalized Name Ring in 3 Captivating Colors

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Love bold geometric silhouettes…then this is just the fashion accessory that you need to flaunt. Available in three charismatic colors, this personalized name ring will raise you fashion quotient to an unbelievable level. Be the center of attention with this unparalleled fashion accessory.


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Rock this season with this boldly crafted ring, that screams modern fashion and an uber chic attitude. Superb craftsmanship coupled with exceptional quality make this a not-to-be-missed item for all you fashion conscious people out there. What’s more, this ring can be personalized to the fashion statement you want to portray, along with three charismatic color options and infinite possibilities for personalizing this piece of jewelry to add the dash of glamour and panache to your personality. You can have your initials engraved on this classy piece, or flaunt the initials of your loved ones…your sweetheart or even a pet who is your best friend in the world. Or just go with your instinct and customize this to spell out whatever it is that your heart desires. Handsomely crafted from top grade semi-precious metal, its solid structure and geometric silhouette is a true marvel of precision in designing this masterpiece. The geometric lines etched all around the ring are firm yet flow into one another with graceful fluidity, and a super sparkling shine bestows an incredible air of royalty to this very unique piece of jewelry. And the best part is that you are spoilt for choice with color variants ranging from the very majestic gold, to a sophisticated silver to the color that is most in vogue – rose gold. So what are you waiting for…. go ahead and splurge on this magnificent piece of jewelry, and you will never want to be seen without you very own personalized ring.

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