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Personalized Initial Bracelets

Personalized Initial Bracelets

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Name bracelets are the most trending and fascinating today, for the very reason that they let you show off your name in style. What if, we change the complete trend and innovate a style like never before? Sound wonderful, isn’t it?

And Orosilber brings your that wonderful reinvented trend; going from traditional name bracelets for personalized initial bracelets made from series of alphabets put together to form a word or a name. Impressive! Crafted from fine metal, alphabets are strung along the beautiful satin ribbon which add to its striking appeal.

What’s more? Get one for yourself or have personalized rakhi for your beloved brother; A word of love for your special one or a knot of friendship for forever friends - you can never go wrong with this one. And to top it up, you can have it made in silver finish or gold, just pick your style.So dive in and explore!

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