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Personalized initial Charms

Personalized initial Charms

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The beauty of Charms is so intriguing that it leaves us all fascinated and mesmerised. When these charms are designed with your initials in it, you would certainly be swept off your feet. After all, who wouldn’t want to flaunt his name initial, isn’t it?

Orosilber’s marvelous collection of this exquisite initial charms pendants is nothing less than mesmerising beauty. Taking personalization to the level of epitome, Orosilber redefines the initial jewellery with its collection of monogram initial designs and solid alphabets. Casted from high quality metal, these are styled in the plating of your choice - customized with gold, rose, silver or steel plating - just what suits your style.

So let the fascinating beauty of name initial charms help you redefine the way you style up yourself, let it help you resonate your beautiful persona to the world. Explore here!

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