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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care
While adorning fascinating jewellery day in and day out remains one of the favourite things to do for women, it is important to understand that these valuable pieces need extra care to avoid wear and tear.Jewellery is made from a variety of material including metals like gold, silver, brass, stainless steel, silk threads, stones, etc. All of these need special care, of which, many are not aware. Here are a few things to remember while handling your jewellery :–

1- Metals react to chemicals used in makeups, hairsprays, lotions, etc. So if you wear your jewellery before applying your cosmetics, it may cause damage to your jewellery. Hence, it is advisable to adorn yourself with your favourite jewellery only after you are done with all your makeup and grooming.

2- Water and soap detergents are not jewellery friendly. So remember to take off your bangles, rings and bracelets before you wash your hands. If you have bangles made from silk threads, water could cause an irreparable damage to it. So take them off before you put your hands in water.

3- Wearing perfume and deodorants are the ultimate thing in our grooming. However, these can cause jewellery to discolour. So, never apply perfume when you have worn your jewellery. It’s best to first apply perfume, wait for at least 5 minutes and then wear your jewellery.

4- Colour dyes/Hair colours have strong chemicals in them. So, remember to take off your jewellery before you start colouring your hair. Another harmful thing to jewellery is your sweat and water. So before you hit the gym, just take off your jewellery. This will increase the shelf life of your jewellery.

5- Direct exposure to sunlight can also cause your jewellery to lose its lustre and colour. Always store your jewellery away from sun, safe in the closet or jewellery box.

6- How your store your jewellery determines the life of it. Use velvet pouches or small plastic pouches to store them. Use one pouch for one jewellery. This will not also prevent scratches but also avoid the metal from getting discoloured.

7- Rough handling of jewellery like putting it on the rough surfaces, or in the purse without the pouch, too many jewellery in one pouch, etc. can damage your jewellery faster than imagined. Keep your jewellery shining as ever with proper care by avoiding such things.


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