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Bhumika Vedic Charms Bracelets

Ketu Graha Personalized Vedic Charms Bracelet

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Revere the graha of ketu with this intricately crafted personalized vedic charms bracelet. It's bedecked with all those celestial elements relevant to the graha. Just the apt accessory to rid you of all the malacious effect of the graha. So adorn one and feel the empowered will within you.


We ship all personalized orders after 15 Working Days, however, enamel items, cufflinks & tiepins will be shipped after 21 working days, pls bear with us if there is any further delay due to unavoiadable reasons, as item is specially handmade for you.

Get rid of all the ill-effects of ketu graha and give a boost to your psyhic abilities. This beautiful personalized vedic charms bracelet is put together with the celestial elements specific to the graha to reap the maximum benefits from it. Fabricated from 9 beads, these are anchored along the braided cord of black colour and PU make. The elements include the metal beads with yantra, ancient mantra, natural gemstone, multi-colour beads and a miniature Ganesha idol as charms. With the infusion of these celetial elements, the bracelet looks in perfect harmony and exudes a charismatic appeal. Bedeck yourself with this beautiful vedic charms bracelet, it's the perfect accessory to match up with all your attires. So adorn and let this beautiful bracelet instil the power of ketu in your life.

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