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Personalized 3D Monogram Jewelry

Make your own 3D Monogram

From any two letters or numbers.

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How to make your own 3D design

Input the letter or number you would like to read from the front of your 3D design, and which you would like on the side, then press View for a spinnable 3D preview. For asymmetrical side letters (like F) you can choose if it reads from the left or right (the other side will be a mirror image).

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When we talk about monograms, the very thing that flash in front of our eyes is the motif style designed monograms which are traditional and of course exclusive too. However, what if you could completely different impression of monograms. What if, they could be crafted in 3D style? Intriguing, isn’t it?

At Orosilber, we decided to redefine monogram, reinvent them in the style that would become a statement in itself. And we designed 3D Monograms. What are these? Nothing less than mater pieces. Crafted with the conjunction of two distinct letters or numbers, it is styled in the form of a 3 Dimensional sculpture, giving it a distinct characteristic.

Made from the high quality precious and semi precious metal, you can have this customized in the plating / finish of your choice. The options available are gold, silver, rose and steel plating.

So, whether it’s the icon of honor you would like to present it to someone, or your company initials sculpted to flaunt on your corporate desk, or simply wish to wear yours and your beloved initial to show off your love to the world, whatever it be, this 3D monogram joolry is certainly help you reinvent the language and style of jewellery. So why wait? Just go for it!


3D Joolry: Your monogram, reinvented

We love monograms, but they seem to be stuck in a rut, design-wise. So we decided to reinvent them in a more sculptural, permanent form manufactured one at a time using state-of-the art technology.

3D Monogram cleverly combines any two letters or numbers into a novel 3 dimensional form. From one angle, you see one letter; from another angle, you see the other.

Personal monograms used to be a badge of honor, embroidered on our every work shirt. But somewhere between mass production and ephemeral fashion trends, they were left behind. We love them. So we’re bringing them back — reinvented in a more permanent, sculptural form, produced just for you with state-of-the art equipment.

But why should a monogram be limited to initials? Really, any two letters or numbers can make a personal statement: You and your partner’s initials, your state abbreviation, your cricket or football jersey number, your or your partner’s birthday. Whatever you want, we don’t judge. Just pick something meaningful – and next time you see someone with a 3D Monogram, be sure to ask what theirs represents Read More...

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I place an order?

The first and most difficult step is to choose two letters or numbers to represent you or an event for your 3D Monogram. Kids’ initials? Your initials? The dogs’? Date you met? Cricket or Football jersey? Lucky number? State abbreviation? Up to you. Followed by 3 Simple Steps:
1. Type your two letters or numbers into the 3D Monogram Creator and press View. You can choose which letter faces front and side. For asymmetrical letters, like F, you can choose if the side letter reads from the left side or right side (the other will be a mirror image, a backwards F).
2. Choose necklace or keychain, then choose a material.
3. Press order and follow the steps to fill in your credit card and shipping info.

How long does it take?

Every 3D Monogram is custom made to order. It takes time to create a custom piece of jewelry, hence the time needed to complete every 3D Monogram with love. Your on-screen 3D Monogram takes only seconds, but creating it in brass or stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold takes a bit longer. Your 3D Monogram will be created just for you using our latest technology.

It takes 3-4 weeks to create each 3D Monogram and you will receive a e-mail when your order is shipped. Please allow up to one additional week for shipping of your 3D Monogram to your door.

How do 3D Monogram attach to the chain?

For larger 3D Monogram that have a side letter with a closed counter (like O, P, and D) we run the necklace through the opening, or attach a ring for keychains. When the side letter does not have an enclosed counter (such as H, N or T), we create a hole through the form to put the chain or ring through or we add a loop to top of the pendant with jump ring to attach to the chain. For more details see the photos on our page.

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