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Personalized Engravable Bracelets

Personalized Engravable Bracelets

If anything can beat the style run of fashion jewellery then it’s the bracelet with your name engraved on it. From Bollywood stars to campus heros, we all love those shiny bracelets, casted from silver or steel, engraved with our name. isn’t it?

And Orosilber takes that trendy style to yet another level with its wonderful offering of personalized engravable bracelets. So here’s for you. Relish the crazy off-beat style with the engravable bracelets casted in fine quality steel. And what you get is your name or any word of your choice, laser engraved in the font you prefer. Isn’t it wonderful?

And worry not dear, because there’s much more. Check out the options for center metal piece, the chain and connecting bands, there’s simply more. Get it in the finish of rose or steel as you like, but it’s certainly going to rock with your style; so what are you waiting for?

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