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Personalized Promise Rings

Designer Personalized Name Promise Ring with Hearts & Studs

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Sweep your love one off her feet. After all, you are making that forever promsie to her and she certainly deserves to be awed. And this fine personalized name promise ring is sure to do the magic. So go on, relish the moment, bedeck it with this lovely insignia of love. It would be cherished forever for sure.

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Some moments must be magical. And to create that magic you would need those magical arsonals. Your promsie day is no less than a giagantic event and you sure want to infuse all the magic in the air. Let this fascinating piece of personalized name promise ring do that for you. Styled in high fashion design of romance, it is made from the finest quality semi precious metal you would love. The twin hearts design resonates the very essence of love, commitment and trust What a confluence to flaunt! Your special one would surely adore this. And with the tiny colourful stones resting at the center of each heart, it's simply gorgeous. Get it custom made to suit your style. There are many ways. The gold plating and the silver one. You can even get it made in rose or steel too. And it's not just that. You can the colours of the stones too. Spice it up with the ultimate personal touch. Oh Yes! It would be lovely to have your names on it, isn't it? So just go for it and the final piece of this stunning beauty would be your ultimate emblem for your special moment. It's certain!

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