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Quirky and Uber Custom-made Batman Folding Knife with Removable Clip

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What happens when quirky style meets the everyday functional needs> Well, we can tell you. It becomes a first of the kind stylish accessory that is just hard-to-resist. This uber custom-made batman folding pocket knife is exactly the type of accessory you will need if you too have an eye for quirky style


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Have you ever been in a stituation where you had to cut a rope to hook on and pull your dead car stuck in a middle of no-where? How about trying to cut a peanut butter sandwich in a packed backseat of a car while traveling? wouldn't it just be wonderful to carry something compact and equally efffective in such situations, which can fit right +in your pocket. If you have any weakness for quirky accessories, than this super-compact, sleek yet sturdy batman knife with a removable clip. The pocket knife body is fashioned in the shape of batman. The cutout is emphasized with threelines running on the rim giving it a 3D look. The knife bears the same nostalgic jet black colour that is a classic signia of Batman. The steely batman logo is centred with trendy style

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