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Personalised Celebrity Name Necklaces

Romantic interlude with 'Shahrukh' Personalized Celebrity Name Necklace

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Shahrukh literally means ruling monarchy. And he truly is the crowned king of Romance of Bollywood since early 90's. The dreamy 'Shahrukh' Personalized Celebrity Name Necklace on your neck, is bound to leave anyone starry-eyed at just a first glance. Get ready to spell-bind everyone.

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The King of Romance, the effortless style icon, the magnetic charismatic person, the versatile actor - Shahrukh can be described in number of ways. We he dances or fights or acts, you imagine yourself on the screen reliving the same act. But everything comes to a stand-still when he leans back and opens his arms, reelinng you in with his irresistible smile. The Shahrukh Personalised Celebrity Name Necklace is a perfect symphony of everything the King Khan represents. The classy necklace is carved in brass with a stylish running letters conjoined together to resemble personal handwriting. The beautiful accessory is coated with steel finish to complement versatile fashion needs. The light wearable link chain makes it a perfect accesoory for everyday wear that can personify your individual style and admiration for the bollywood king

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