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Sibling Love with 'Little Bro' Personalized Name Initial Bracelet

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Little brothers are annoying and even mean sometimes. To tell you the truth, he also may resort to being your punching bag often. Yet you guys are best friends. Just like two peas in a pod, who will always be together no matter what. Celebrate this unique brotherly bond, with this cute ' Little Bro' Personalised Name Initial Bracelet.

We ship all personalized orders after 15 Working Days, however, enamel items, cufflinks & tiepins will be shipped after 21 working days, pls bear with us if there is any further delay due to unavoiadable reasons, as item is specially handmade for you.

Siblings share a lot of things - Lot of Love Lot of Mischief Lot of inside jokes Lot of secrets lot of adventures Lot of laughs lot of sad times too and even lot of fights. But even with thouse fights and grudges they remain virtually irreplacable. The bond is not only strong but even unique as it doesn't require external push or help for any reconciliation. What's more better than immortalise it with an eternal piece of accessory to flaunt your unique bond and relationship. The Little Bro Personalised Name Initial Bracelet perfectly captures the innocence as well as the excitement and love of having a little brother. The bracelet has the letters carved in first capital letters to distinguish the letters in a crafty and smart way. The chunky letters are cutout from sturdy brass metal . Both the letters as well the link chain is coated with gold for that ultra-premium finish of a high-fashion accessory.

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