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Cufflinks for Men's

Spread Cheer All Around with the Orosilber Enamel Cufflinks OCF E 153 E

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These bright golden yellow enamel cufflinks from the house of Orosilber is sure to brighten the day for not only the wearer but also of all others around him. These are stunningly crafted accessories that help the wearer emanate a highly positive aura. The highly attractive design features grooved vertical and horizontal stripes within an oblong frame with the centre left blank.

Delivery in 2-3 working days.

Walk into a room with these yellow beauties on your sleeve and the gathering is bound to turn into a lively and joyful one. Such is the power of the yellow color that symbolizes sunshine, intellect, energy and all things positive.

Show your panache by pairing these gorgeous accessories appropriately with either blue, green, yellow or black suits or shirts. Be your calm, confident and witty self and let the cufflinks complement your style by simply sitting on your sleeves. These high quality metal cufflinks with enamel polish are available at a very reasonable price although the image that they create is that of a highly expensive accessory. It is an exclusive deign from the luxury range of Orosilber that is sure to be picked by only that man who has an eye for high fashion.

Product Details:

Attractive design

Excellent craftsmanship

High quality of enamel polish

Ideal for all formal occasions

Serves as an exclusive gift


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