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Unique Customised Silver Batman Money Clip

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Nothing's better than an organised bag. Especially if you keep rumaging through it every now and then to find someting or other. This unique customised silver Batman Money Clip is perfect to get your stuff in order in the bad without much effort.


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You can always count on Batman. Whether it is keeping your city safe or even keeping youur money arranged in a neat order. This unique Batman Money clip is exceptionally quirky. The clip is made from a tough base metal of brass which is coated with steely silver finish for a finished look. The Clip is fashiopned in the cutout style of the Batman logo on a plate which looks quite heavy duty. There is a steely rim at the edge which accentuates the shape . The clip can be folded at the centre to hold the money in order. no more browsing through purse in a middle of toll booth for those 100's or 50's . Just quickly call your batman monye clip to rescue.

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