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Cufflinks for Men's

Wear an Aura of Peace and tranquility with the Orosilber Enamel Cufflinks OCF E 153 D

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This unique pair of cufflinks is ideal for the man who is reliable, a loyal friend, a loyal lover and someone that can be counted upon in terms of crisis. These are the qualities that blue, which is the color of the sky and the seas stand for. It is thus natural that when you walk into a room wearing these cool looking blue enamel accessories, you are going to give an impression of a true gentleman.

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Look ultra sophisticated and chic in this cufflink that looks serene in their combination of smooth silver and bright blue. It truly is a picture complete harmony. A man who selects this design not only has a great taste and eye for quality but will also give the impression of his inner peace when he dons them at any event. So, pair them with your best suit and make a grand entry . You are sure to look the picture of complete assurance. Pair it with other blue accessories such as a tie and be thoroughly delighted by the reactions you inspire.

The manufacturing quality of these accessories from Orosilber is undoubtedly the best. The skillful craftsmanship is evident in the vertical and horizontal grooved stripes. The molded oblong frame is also smooth to the touch and has very stylish appeal.

Product Details:

Amazingly attractive design

Stunning color combination

Smooth molded frame

High quality of enamel finish

Apt for all formal occasions


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