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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who are we?
Orosilber is the leading company in India pioneering into the arena of online personalized name jewellery. Founded in 2001, we offer personalized jewellery to wholesalers, retailers and end customers pan India and abroad. Our personalized jewellery brands include Bhumika Charms Bracelet, OROSILBER, Mantra Shakti Band, 3D Joolry to name a few.

What do we do?
We bring on your platter a world of novel personalized name jewellery, all of which can be customized to suit your need and taste. The collage comprises of personalized jewellery made from the name of your choice; it can be a nick name as well. The variants in style itself are so vast that you can have these designed with individual letters or entire name in signature style.
We house a team of fashion experts who are always on the go, researching on the latest trends in the industry and incorporate them in the new range of personalized jewellery like fashionable and dazzling necklaces, rings, charm, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cufflinks, tie clips, brooch and more These personalized jewellery is custom-made in 18K, 14K, 9K, 925 Sterling Silver, Brass and stainless steel.

Our Customers
Our customer base is spread wide across India and overseas which include wholesalers and retailers as well who certainly are adding up to the increasing number of end users. Our customers are not just fashion conscious individuals, but ones who comprehends the value of quality and seek uniqueness to style themselves up.
Our e-commerce portal – www.orosilber.com is designed with a user friendly interface that offers in-depth information about the products and hassle free shopping experience. You can have the products tailor-made at every level. You can chose your own enamel colour, the name of your choice, the font style – from plain to cursive or even monogrammed, the metal plating – gold, silver, or rose, etc. Even the width of the pendant and length of the chain can be customized. In many cases even the designs can be customized entirely. And all this to fit in the affordable budget range.  It takes about 21 working days to manufacture and ship the personalized jewellery products once the payment is received / confirmed. We offer free shipping in India.
Personalized Jewellery can be ordered for yourself, your parents, hubby, friends, and family members. They are the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasions.

Our Vision

  1. 1- We envision a world where jewellery is not just a piece of metal worn to match up with the attire, but it adds value to the overall appearance and the persona of the person adorning it.
  2. 2- We envision a world where an individual ornaments himself with a jewellery that adds a grace, makes a style statement, speak of what the person really is.


Our Mission?

  1. 1- We aim towards evolving as a number one brand in the personalized jewellery segment, not just in India but at an international level.
  2. 2- Our mission is to create and offer the finest and high quality, in-trend personalized jewellery at affordable prices.
  3. 3- To continually embrace emerging technologies and deploy them to create masterpieces for our customers.
  4. 4- Customer satisfaction and fostering long term loyalty are the key drivers; we aim at providing a secure and satisfying online shopping experience to our customers
  5. 5- Through our wide range of quality products and partnership programs, we intend to welcome every individual with entrepreneurial streak to join the Orosilber family and be a partner in our progress.


Our Values
Innovation, Exceptional Craftsmanship, Quality, Trust and Excellent Customer Service are the pillars that make our foundation strong with each passing day. It’s not just in words, but our every product and conduct resonates these attributes. We are committed towards our goal of delivering higher quality products in the personalized jewellery segment with promptness and take pride in our values of customer satisfaction.

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